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The 2014 Season has been announced!

There are lots of great things happening in 2014 with WeACT and the number one thing is all the shows we have planned!  We can’t wait to entertain you as well as help push the kids into new roles they may have not experienced before.   2014 is all about new directions!




WeACT Youth Theatre and Midwest Central Railroad present Snow White featuring grades PreK-4 at the James V. Davis Performance Center located in the basement of the Old Threshers Theatre Museum. You can pick up tickets at 123 North Jefferson Mon-Fri 10am-4pm OR online at 

Ticket costs are:

Adults $10
Students (w/ID) $8
Seniors (65+) $8
Youth (2-18) $5

Show times are
Friday, April 4 at 7pm
Saturday, April 5 at 2:30pm
Sunday, April 6th at 2:30pm

For more information dial 319-931-9964 or email



CAMP WUNNA ACT is a multi-week intensive program where kids get the chance to be a large part of the theatre production experience.  Kids will spend the day planning and rehearsing for a final production that takes place weeks after camp begins.   This is a great program that helps kids with memory skills, team work, problem solving and so many other things. There are two camps sessions happening this year, a 4th-8th grade camp in June  and a shorter K-3rd grade camp in July.   These camps are both designed based on the age ranges of the kids involved.

Camp also includes healthy snacks and recreational time as well to make sure the kids are having a summer of staying fit both mentally and physically.  To learn more about the individual camps and to register early and save money, check out the links below.




Congrats to everyone who tried out!  We will meet Monday, February 17th  at 4pm at WeACT Youth Theatre of Iowa!  At that time I will hand out scripts and we will do a quick read, your parents can also drop off the participation fee if they haven’t already clicked here to pay online!-> CLICK HERE

Great job everyone!!!   See you Monday!

Also make sure to tell your parents to add Bradley Laborman to Facebook so he can add you to the Parent communication group for the play!

any questions?  email



January 15th 2014 is a TIP NIGHT FUNDRAISER for WEACT!

downloadOn Wednesday, January 15th from 5-8pm, stop into Pizza Ranch in Mount Pleasant, Iowa and enjoy some delicious buffet!  While you are there, children from WeACT Youth Theatre of Iowa will be bussing tables for you!    Leave them a tip and help them to make WeACT Grow!

All money generated from tips and a portion of food sales from Pizza Ranch between 5-8pm will go to benefit WeACT!   So please make it a point to spend Wednesday, January 15th 5-8pm with us!


Here are directions!

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2014 Membership is now available!


First Annual WeACT Christmas Card Contest

One of my biggest goals when I started WeACT Youth Theatre was to try and bring the best experiences I had in my youth in small town Iowa and give them back to the kids in the community now.  One of my favorite annual events was the Mayor’s Christmas Card Contest.   I think it was started by Tom Vilsack and the purpose was to have children in the community design a Christmas card that would be sent out to political figures, other mayors and people in the US. It was a fun time, and I just remember looking forward to it every year.

So, I want to try and bring it back. WeACT has a good  number of supporters from the East and West Coast and I want to make sure they get a Christmas card from us this year! Why not make it better by having it designed by a kid who loves to draw?

Here is how it works, you can download and print an entry form by click here -> (christmascard) or you can stop by our office at 123 North Jefferson Street in Mount Pleasant.  We will have three categories…

PreK-1 Grade
2 Grade-5 Grade
6 Grade-12 Grade

The child just needs to design the Christmas Card in the space provided… it can be color or black and white, but it has to be 100% produced by them. Once you have completed it, you can drop it off at WeACT anytime between 8am-6pm Mon-Friday and 9am-4pm on Saturdays by 5pm on Friday, November 22, 2013.

I will pick the top 5 in each category and post them from 10AM November 25 until 5pm November 29th on our facebook page and in the window at WeACT.  You will be able to go online and LIKE the picture or stop in and “LIKE” it in person.  Potentially 2 votes per person…

One winner from each category will be announced Monday December 2nd at 10AM.  That child will receive a year membership to WeACT Iowa for 2014 and a $100 Savings bond in their name.  they will also have the joy of knowing their card design was seen by random cool people throughout the US who are on WeACT’s Christmas list!

The contest is open to anyone PreK-12th grade in the WeACT area (Southeast Iowa)
If you have questions you can email me at or call  (319) 385-1263

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did as a child! I really hope this is just one of many things we can do to help bring some fun back to the youth of Southeast Iowa! Thank you personally for giving me a chance to host this contest that I hope will become an annual event.

-Bradley Laborman
Founder of WeACT Youth Theatre of Iowa




I have to tell everyone, this was a very vary hard show for me to cast.  There was a lot of different directions I could have went with the cast, but I know in my heart the direction I chose is going to make for an amazing show.   For those of you who are newer and for those of you who have been in WeACT for a while, if you did not get what you would consider a “larger part” do not let it upset you.  There are lots of people who tried out and not a lot of larger roles.  I promise you that if you take whatever role you received  and embrace it, then I will remember that in future castings.

Your scripts will be available starting tonight after school, please note you cannot pick up a script until you pay your participation fee (or made arrangements to pay later).  You can do so online by clicking here or you can drop off a check, cash or use your credit/debit card in person at WeACT Iowa.  You have until Friday night, 6pm to pick up your script.  If you have not picked up your script or notified me that you want your part, then I will release that part and cast someone else in that role if needed. If you need to reach me, email me at or call me at (319) 385-1263.

Now that all the paperwork mumbo-jumbo is out of the way… below is the cast list!



Awesome 80′s Prom Tickets now available!

Hello students of Wanaget High, class of 1989!

It’s that time of year again. Time for all of you to consider attending your Senior Prom. This year, your classmate Melissa Martin and the rest of the prom committee has worked very hard to make this event something you will remember well into the 1990′s.

The folks at Midwest Old Threshers have been gracious enough to let us host the prom this year in the basement of the Old Threshers Theatre Museum. This is a great location since our own gym is being renovated after some of you decided to sneak barnyard animals into the gym during homecoming this year. Please note that there are a few rules you need to observe for this years prom.
Prom starts at the times indicated, but you are encouraged to arrive 1/2 an hour early for the full prom experience.
You should come in proper Prom Attire, if Prom Attire is not available, your normal 1989 wardrobe will suffice.
(In fact we will be judging the best dressed that night as well)
You are allowed to bring guests from other schools, but remember this proms is only for Grades 9 and up! (14+)
You must be prepared to dance, have fun and interact. This is your senior prom! Enjoy it!
If you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a real prom, and it’s 1989…
We will have punch available, door prizes, you will be able to vote for your Prom King and Queen and Lydia Parker from the AV Club will be there taking pictures of the experience!

We will also have lots of other surprises each night! We understand we did not have the best year, with the Beavers going 0-13, and the incident during the Hornet’s game, we will not speak of. However, you have the upcoming production of “Funny Girl” to look forward from the W.H. Drama department and our cheerleading captain, Whitley Whitiker has asked me to tell you that “she has spirit, how about you?”
Tickets this year are $10. We know $10 is equal to buying a TANK OF GAS, but the money goes to help Wanaget High bring this thing called the internet to some classrooms. I blame the economy, but President George HW Bush guarantees us the economy is going to get better!
This year there are two ways to get tickets. You can go in person to WeACT Youth Theatre of Iowa, at 123 North Jefferson Street in Mount Pleasant and pick them up, Mon-Friday 10am-6pm.

Or you can do tickets online (whatever that means) at your credit card, we can mail them if you order before October 1st or you can pick up your tickets at the door or before the day of your prom at WeACTIowa. There is an additional $1.50 handling charge for using your credit card.
Since we have so many students, there are three different prom times this year.

Friday, October 4th at 7:30pm (pre-show at 7:00pm)
Saturday, October 5th at 7:30pm (pre-show at 7:00pm)
Sunday, October 6th at 6:00pm (pre-show at 5:30pm)

You can come to one, or come to them all, we guarantee a different experience each night.

We look forward to having you join us for the most important experience of your Senior Year. Please remember this might be the last great experience of the 80′s so please make it as 80′s as possible. So remember to have fun, and no dirty dancing. This means you.

Mr. Richard Snelgrove
Principal of Wanaget High