Share us with a CHILD STAR TODAY!

One of the newer additions that will be finished in February 2013 at WeACT Youth Theatre of Iowa is the Daniel Keeley Performance Space.   A center named in memory of my good friend, Dan Keeley,  who was one of the most talented and funniest friends I had the pleasure of knowing.

db2One of the things that this new performance space is hopefully going to do is inspire children in Southeast Iowa and show them that anyone has the chance to become a star who respects the process of theatre.   To help them, we have started putting up pictures of “child stars” starting with some Shirley Temple pictures that were donated to WeACT. There are so many actors these days who have done Broadway and Movies, who started out as child actors.   These actors have grown because they respect theatre and the process behind it and those are the people we want to inspire our children.  When we say star of course, we don’t just mean on the screen, we mean in life.   Now we want more, and for this we need your help.

Please share this on Facebook and Twitter with CURRENT and FORMER CHILD STARS.  Send them this link and ask them if they would donate a picture of themselves as a child for us to frame and display in our performance space. You can tag them directly, post this in their official fan page, send them a direct message if they follow you on Twitter, whatever you can do!    We want to add so many more pictures and we could easily just go buy posters at Walmart, but why not see if we can get the actual celebrities to play a part in the inspiration process.   

If you are a child star or a former child star and you see this message directly…  you can message us through our Facebook Page by clicking here or you can email us using the contacts us button (There is a selection now that says “I’m a Former Child Star”).  Please don’t try and fake us out, I have been doing internet for a long time and I can smell a fake (and don’t consider this a ‘Challenge Accepted’ moment)!

I really hope that this gets shared and we get one or two former child stars who want to participate…   Right now the space seems pretty bare. keeleywall(Of course the seats haven’t went in yet, so that will help)

Thank you in advance for you help,

Bradley Laborman
Managing Director of WeACT Youth Theatre of Iowa